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Full text of "Summary of the course of permanent fortification and of the attack and defence of permanent works, for the use of the cadets of the U.S. Military academy"

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CLASS OP i88* 












♦ » » 


Zithatthe IT. S. Mil. Ac ady. Press. 


Summarif of the Course 

Perm an en t Fortification 

1 . Q/'9% cUu^xAcctlM ^%iMfn%au^%st^ ^i^t^tiJSua€iti^^t4 , ^tAc pHeiAod4 ^ 

cU4e^4Jt;tcuc 0€4fr>p%eAy ; -^ ^luAceA'^tA^ '4^'U'p%d<^ Jua/pic^ a^xd uHed 

<^€fciceM/ fiM^n^, ca^M^rt^-^ c^hJ!l4^, 4^m, ^f%0^c^e4j ^ eUvfo ^^iutM, 
4y ^^^ Ju/iA. XAai'of, Jum/a, 4»ifAuoA 44j^u/dm4^e, ci/f ;tAe^ fuMjU^ ^ 

"tA^ fft^tAosC ^ a4^<A49tis%Q' f €StcL0%> cucAttk^otAi^ cCcdtiuftcA, ^iZAe/i^o/nfty 
o^ A^ooid^ ^r»Me^«0e^yBA^«e/~'^f ^1X4$ 4^0tAj f ^e m/iiAe^ .4^:ihy dt. A^u^ 
jf^yitiKC /vCcun^e^; ^/^^E^n^ ^jAccA. ZtAe^ AoMc»p€fyc£ Ajt^t^StuntJ cfM&^iAs 










Bt D • H . MAHAN, PBon: s s or of military bngineerinq Sc^k 

— ♦ 1^ * 


LiiJiatthe U. S. Mil. Ac ady. Press. 


'• Sro S'Lsr. So. 

HARVAio ooL.;;:£ umuM 


rf tit iMp fiterft 



. ilk aoxXA&i^oXiUyvv oDtxxjuovwa ¥ta. / 

lie* <2^ 

Summarif of' The Course 

Permanent Fortification 

§Wylc/vw 0^ ^>tAAJ^[iccd\A^ ^[^awvvuoi , 

1 . Qz-p^ cUoun,Accti^ ^%iM^ma^9^s^ ^^t^Ji^iitt ^nd, :tAe »9iUthod4 4f 

aUdeJujMuc jf€^f^%eAy* -^ ^t/AceA'the -^^u^fuicn^ JuMf^ttcd^ a^9%€l uHe4 

<^^ftiica^ /tlA>n^, ca^f'vrt^^ c^HUm^, 4^9%, ^M^^oaJeS, ^^ cUytp a^buiM, 
Z^ 4€09%a Ju^A /A^d'ci, JuMMf 4tfA^cA 44f^it/d ^4^e, om ;tn^ mjuU^ ^ 

'/As- nt^oiaiC ^ eu^u^n^/t^af tSta^^ cutAtt^OLMy eCcJtbi^tcA, ^otAe^aJmrty 

if^fifiaic /vCcu^v^^ -lUi^^Pt^ €»tAccA "AAa AoMcofitk/j 

^/if^lvcmth tneJt 

^^a. jf^^/*rv6 Of ^{^>n,e, /i^n^SAft ^iiAvCfy 4m4 cl jT'^^} ^"^ yiJuujL^ ^A^fuceA^ ojce, lu^tzsft^ 
e#c^ ^uoJt "tfe. 4%fo(H€£jtLo^^ iKL 'the fW€/9€fy 

ilf ^€i4re^ itfotn ^pvate. cCc/ti^^T^^^He^-/ :A^ Ji^t^nJ ojmjoC Jt^ZcEtU^e H,^^itUfMj 
/i/to^eSftoC -A^m, -^tHod MOH^^ 6ut^ ':te4^^pt€ci ^iA^^ nj&w)teHce^ ov Vf^ noMd4^ 

c/^ -AaJ -o-SJi^v V9&li^/ /ne ^L&b^%A a/ ^eAtsmcA ^^s^^ ^ "^taJk^n. 
^ctiMa, M^ve,ot 4€i^%Ac£tA 4iu€/ty M^^i^tit' a^^^ne ^£^t» ^ /csfuc^AUfCtiaC 
a^ x^ ^H%.^^ dcZ-uct/ ^ ^iaJte' J/'J^e^tsdtA jihA pAs^s^j oJ'mb ^^vo^^d li 

^i^^/A ^^^e/^ ^a^n>s Ajite>c6 fu>c$>€f) ^t^Ma^^tjt, -Oe/ott^ 3^4e#>» 'JtHa^n. 
■f'Uff>u aj&ue^ cipc<^^z4^ajtc6dj a.^%c6 JcccA 44Mi •^ itA^ ^%^^3^lm, aJ/44^99>t^uC 


jtn^ tPtajiuJt 'i4J^^ 2^ oteJi,im^p%/£ifk' "^tHe, ^Cup%uiA^ z^^T^of^-iJ ^I'pvttfiu^. 

"^Ae ¥€^c<H£.{Sfc^*v a/ the^ «^^^^ ^£rse> 'i^hOtH 
'e4tf»ft£^€>4 '^imaDftM cin>^ ^J ^im^i^e^k/^ o/n^ zf,/^ /eat /t^^n, ^we^ 


< i i 

of'tHs^H^4MJ!^, a^M,d Xm 'H'd^^i^^nXk/ dMoM^^s^ ^£i6b#^4#» TS^Imsm^^/ 
^d^/9ta£/ptf ^"tM as^ace m^^acA 'tJu. JL%e '^HMjuJ'aFitH.'tHe./tJLm^ 


M^LCf'ai^iAMt,- ^T^e o/XiHS //i4 H /€'0MJ OT'tAl, SfCUtJ ^Ulltt^ ^AOf^ -/^^ 

'tAedA:. Ac^^bte^H^ceJ Au :tAcJ ^Ata.Moft. • 

M/fx^ljiAccho/ JiH'pte otAeA, ^C^t^t^^^^t^ fUH^^4::i~ oA'tAe Atj^^c ^Md^^t'Ai, 
A^^oixofttcLo cC^Jtit^n^caSOJi^ ^^lea^uAcsrd. i "tAcJ aU/ta^M.cA^ Aaifpte/^€^ 
<•£/ "tAe ^^9^c£oita^tc0^^. cAtAe Cuf^^ j4MAf a<A/e 'tAe^ cdJ^t/cmrL^i. 4hA 

'tAc^ JS»%& 44^Apd€^ 6CJ!fifte^9%cA a^ ^^e^ts^tt^os' is JESTS' ^^h/c ^' 3,^7S 
c7h^ "Aid^ ^asmt^SA ^a^%^ ^o'MaTv a^ a, /l9%£, ^etci^ee^9%. '^iiu^ 

T- <]7Ae. MjOtUtiU^Tt^ ^^ ffScuf^iS^ trfoLOM^ ^XAe^ hJo^^^^ o^ 

q/Aa ^rxvoz^^ uaJ-cujlc 'fyietAdcC of ^tM^^^eJe^^^dto^^ au^t/ou^ 

JtVit\JO iMJOJfs/bj oirujL'XAj^^ oLk^ oU-cujuCiu "tisoAe^ff, X/ie^ *^eit&9%,ceJ of^urHMcA^ 

^9^0/9^9^ ^ <4/AccA 4^ ^tM^to^f a^xaC Jto oC^CA^'n.tAi^ JtAc ^:eJejc&9tjO€. 

a^(9x^ "tAe ^ofu:£[/rLCCi44:f9^ of^tsAof <!on^ oufx^ :tA4aCt a^^tAcH^ux/f^Lt. oa^c 
'tA& Jcu9Tvt", a/f%cC aJ 'm& AotJcteo-yCtaco^ a/ce, MJ^Jve^f^ujUcd^Muc ^ 'tAe> 

^£un>e -cu^Xo o6^t!eA:^99%L$<tje' ^^MtfT^ "iAe^ ^oaS& "jtA^ A^^e^sie^ttoe^ of :tAe^ 

^6Ai^^4%e/c^9t0CCtlLOTi^C^^6tj o^ ^Aa4J cu 

a^JvUkATj^y 'tn^a/HjOfCe^ e/xt^A^LcXy x4 a^^/e^n^, cdi^v /e ^Hd/»n^ 4^^ 

H^l Aof^jLatita£s • 






CLrtMtf 4iot :tAA ^eABteot ^^tHZl Se^^ :tAjo crpuo ^o^^ujLice/jL . 

14. J^fHfi.ft.Fi£.^,^fmJO^wfy» a >ruovnX/ -JCo djuuA) o^U/ru^ noutaJLlet-io 

o/tAa fvoorCt^ n^» tnect i^Ttne OM^en, 

X (UA>9/n LuAJif 




Of j^A/rvcti^rv ( iXftf. 4'') ' 

cOcoju^ ol -Cum, (jPrcb. X)fuuttti^ 
^ :ih al>. ^urvd /yfjProh.4) 

18. I^roh.e. Fig'S. 5o Ji/rvA <lit -Jtotix^^ 


'bfA^.o), At. 

(f^oji ox. dL(/o,oJf cbn. ojLO o/cu C4Jtc£tf M^<kA. ou JUJLeLuuJ €f4AaZ't6'tA^ fuo~ 

aJ c£/rttk^f cunxjL JtuH^ cuttS -^e oLeJouAe^oC ^^om, "twfrv, 4j»4^A. Aomdii 
19. Pt-ob. Y. Fig. p. ^^JOJMSfc^ -tlvt UfyuMrdioh ^ (n^ikt mJUm 

[/^joJ, ^ofT/ arve ^ojrve 4Jfi:ititJe4t'^i*jua couteJf%o^%4ijurLO Atn^o^yiuZd o^ 

n/f^/yCbf Of i^nt'€/c4€etLOn, 


Se oorvUcU^cccL aJ tAt>^ 

fviounjt fZOuu<jtvq 't/iAJcutnA 
aJ tkA^o ootJttSfuynat4)n^ -A^t.^ 

uh££ aU4lteiK^'yuA^b& Xcua vuneJ 44tAie/'hf ^^^^^n^ ^^^ ot^tJti^'CStco'nJ Of 

*AS tA,Z^^ ^UjBt09%^ f^^^ J^4^0%A^9Z^ O CLr%£i O ^y A> /c9t^f XAjLS tMnZtJ^ 

^Um -M^ Ao'^d^^avtStiit/d a/jt^ <tk4^ ft/i^v^^ Ace fvajca£U 





d^tAkS f%ij^^h^ MtiiA iAe Mf^^»%. ft/auatA 4€d^t%o cLe!tef€m^vutriAcLf AdJ^^i-Tk 

KiwH^^ <| • •#^4.1 /# f^a^4jJAI ^ tAs Jca/^ of oUeiiAfiMy o^^At ^^m^t^ 

t%A^^k^ ^^'^ U4W^i ^i-^CusX ^^aru^A^d 4M,UA:iA€, fvtmne. ^>cjf4cMM 


i **'») 

r^. jz. 









a£te£ tb tAje. Jca/e o/aUclUhCtu o/tne fviaune, conA co'n^tujL^kjtxa ^^deetu 
of eCitoUAHjtu ftX^i^' 6 . j 7 "tfuJ 4u/<£c ^€ JtAjR fVcoi€cicart o/:me^ ctqujucuC 

22. JPr^ob- JO. fig* 13. 00 ^ind dtlit cviaalc kdmiU/n ali/M 

"(^'O) cftHe cine oLuMXAT OL fi,eM.fve/rL€UouiaML 

^I*7*ob>ff.Jf cutLoL c&rvitk4A^ JXi 
ica£& o/ d^BtctifuiXkj ' ^TZf^oL /y fJ^r^oh. 1 ) Jitu^ ctynaSt cCt C j -Q^sti4/e€<rv 
tH&a4/u4^9^ /(L^%^ ajt%cL :t/uJ fLe^cfu^t^xx'Mt£ajt ^ /AuiAAjiSf/etAAoamf^^ 

JFig n 



TtAcJ -£^23 X4^Apd^ 6UJlfifts^9%cA £^ /L^e^ts^tvcA ^> JfSZC ^A^/f Se' 3,^7S 
T- fjfAe, MjChU^ti^Tv 0/0* M/o/ta^ o^€l^44£. 'ti>'4Jie> ^t^uis^^c o</ 

Jr^/it\JO tnLoJtsfbj oirujLXAj^^ oLk^ otJz4Xx/£u "ta^Ae/ru XJie^ Jte/ote^ruce^ o/xirHjicA^ 

£^f%oe^ -cd s^t^^^cCetiMu :tAjt Vo^^^ce aJ ':tAa;f'a^'tn£' g^ov^^^z, /t^&^t^ -cut 

aCjtcu4/'rv 4^ JtA^e^ ^vca/9%e^ ouf^oL ^tA^JTZa^ne i?f ^ce/e/oe^%C€^. ^A^ ui 

a^(9x^ "tAe ^of-hcU^rvcit^if^^ of^€A<J '/!otie, curu^L :t/u£i a^ ^€^00 h^ux^^lc oa^ 

£^'he> 0/ aJbe^jCteJ^ iJ^^cMHJtlu ^tAe ^tot^€t ^^tAe^Le ^tAie, M^^uM09i}ta/ 
oC/coujU'f^ ^tA/voci^A, ^!CAe> ax/ue^r^ ^wcje^ctco-T^ of cl HjotJ9i:t^ou:t^ "tAiJ 

10 Q^Ae^ 4/rLe£co%oDtio^^ J ot. cU^couiM^^ €fCL fvCcuM^ uj-CtA 7tA^ 

^6A^4A%e/c^rbCOtio7%o^^X^ Cu^^ q^AaaJ ou 

m fmCkrr€^ 'in^OA^ce^ e/x^AtuLcAy x4a4^/€^9^, c^i^% /e A^ctj^t^ ,£#^ 

M# 4mw%% 4J/COU oJJOm H/MU^»u}rh€Gt£ cCtJta^9^vce. 

.j^mMSf^ttt/f Ay :6Ae> Asa,dilo7%. ^YvceJe^t^c^^ tAs ^^^^cui^ueiim^ 

^^ Ji^^ Aa^tigOTvtoAd X4M^ At' ^Atcu^^ecC Ay ^9%€dAt€fvtyt>9%y tAujt 

I§ afoi£Ml^UMiA 'tAt' JcAle oA decA^itypFiff. ZjJcsm^mm^ 

dtAu. Ai^f'tA Of a. /vAcu^A, it"^ ^uiu^J JceMs^e^HZed 

^'^ MrAieJte tA& A^e/fA>M.ceJ ax^ uuxdkittvj Ay ^Ao^ 

AorveJ ^a^AmcAo oMe^ runAcanJ 0A t/ic O0t/uj/im9%dd^ 
Ht^) AotiALorCtcd^ • 

^WheA ^tAt A^r^eyoon^y ^AM9%mmXi XAe 
4dJ4djaA ^lA^oe/^'nJ Of ZAt K4yAjhALt%C ^^^^^^ftCttn^ 






c d Mm f9Mf€cXiQf% o/tA^ otA&i 
\ a//^mo^fi4SiiLo^ 0/ the :ti4Hf m»m 

"tne 'tU/o a<4/t^ ZutveJ fvooie6teaC /^Zu^e^&rv f /o, soj , cunei( 7,o) f €M>if6U tne 

&njfk o/44/A4ieAtn^Xi4/ofhoi9iXi0(f99j, 

tAjt Q€/9f€tn, fiocKlh 

•tA4M^cL /c/9%jef uh/I fvm44 

ika%cLtn&. ^4^^'iart c/ 4St S4tup^m0% tAe, 

tU^ 'Aoz4M09€ta/d 

UH4^eJ^ SL 44/itA ^iAjA otneAc. ^tu/o, amd -fund tAe ^^ir^Jiorton. o/ ^Aa 

- r*^J 

- i^^y 






cOccbLu- OL -Cum, (jPrcb. X)fuuttti^ 
^ :t0 al>. ^urvd /yfjProh.4) 

Xm/sju. « 







if^^Ji ^r di(/0,ojf an, omjC o/£l C4Me£e.9 -u^^^A. 

aJ ce^nJtjteJf a/praC JtkMHf a/f£S ^e cLeJoujieMt /i^pfv -thsmr^, d^m^^iA, 

' f4t,0^ , 4/n/ »9%e fvlcun^ 4/n;h/Ue6i:'^^uf0 cotMeJfi^9%s£i9%^ Aoz^orQ^tUd a^ 


Se cOTvUdLtAoe^L aJ tlh^ 

cWtuHf QotA[^fuynu£una AimL^ 
^o^ntci/j 4/ny ^Cbon. o/tH^^ 




o/As Sum o/4^9^€mJe6tcon, "» 9% 

tAcf^crCt O 4juAe/ce^ £t /^hltiAtJ^ctii the o^c^e^ /ut^tc^ 44hoU Je tAe^^MotiOt. I 
■c^n^ o/tHe ^t&O'Cuu^exiL pjoi/rif- 

tAx>ou,oA cL J o/yvoL /a ftouuk/lti ^ tAe Jca/e o/ cUduvbiu o/tAt^ a^e^t^^n. 


(\ t^.o) 

r^. i^ 







- / 

/ -v*.*; 




22. JPr^ob. JO. Fig. 13, 00 iuni *(ie a/iaa£c IdUjjton aitnc 



'■•(tt,oJ -^^^(yriQ 0<A^e/n, Stf 4ti6 4ca/e, dH^ 


' ' ^*'*0 ottHe curve oUolcw ol fi^ejtfve/rtoUoujtajc 
Jea£& i^ cUtcioucJCff • ^fHijoL /yfJPr*oh.l)jinef a/na& cot Oj ^€ili/€^€/rv 

tH^ad/u^^n^ /c^^^ am<i X/t^ fu/cfie^t^u£cc44£aut j /Aid 4ju<Jlf /e tAte c^^^rftle. -^ 


tt. Probll. Fl^- 14 

^uMf ^€AAe/rv ^v£a/f%£4, o/yit Zurte, mri ^^c£[ /i, JthA ^ctJt^ o^oi^Ai^ 
euMA^tJ exit -/txym. JtAea^rv -^ t^'U4^oCuta/Ptt -wcU^/rCtBLC ftSetm^ ^ 


cujK/i^f 44/ctAf tAe ^^A^t^XayyL a/noC €^/ejte^n/ie o/ (tP7.e &/ its JCLaA)t£4%t 
26. a%ft OfiftujioCtieyrv of^CAAj ^ryt^tMcL o/ fTAXHeeti^eyn, "to tAc ^0A/Xio9% 

J-t' '^'u//lca4^9^ a jAouf 'XAcJ ouf'LcC 'to y«fc/cA^ aJ aurv ^oCCuJt}ca:tLan, 
^iftXn,€4t eaJ€^ . ^ 

'^c^fe^£/yic^ o/ '^Ae A&fnXk^e, o/ ^Ae, ^ftAe/LC a/9^i43C '^M;t o/ itJ -Ao^juopCTS 
ct£ a4uact e4Jtc& , JtAd^ ^xfUH'teXi^'yU o^ jt/ieJ^, ^e4yyLQ ac^e^t^ . 

'tbun^€^9^CC/ yto tfu^ /zK/>iu:Xcicyriy o/tAc a^cuiOt e<jc.c£e . e^4e -Zurve^ 
L^f oOcouuyn, ^trvu>u^A^ ^tn>c fnxtiyrctd Of C^o-ntoj^ , cihXc '^ tSn^fuuysctZ 

^e^toc is C f 44/ttAytMSfiA^A^e -^ cvTLoi, Ttfie, fLO</ntr i (ii,o) , ^4/Aefce, 


/€^i€4^e,t/n, ytAj& /vcau9%eJ a/9%oC tAe ^Lca/n^ o/ ^^e^ce^ru^e cute. AceJ^uct 

^u>t/9i:!t2 ofcc 'CLO'Le. 'tA^c ^AfXiZonxttuyyiy a/'Cu^.^^cAy 

^) 44rAeJce :tAef A:^Au£>9>teeJ auio^ ^A/^xkit^^, Av V^ei^ 

AorveJ /4/AueA^ cute^ ^unAcanJ ^A tnC' c^tJuJ/^^^^^dd^ 

4^Uja£ ^tA^Ce/f'nJ oA /Ac ^otyAt' Ai^fx^ ^t^^ft^lC/fZK^t^ 
ccuhv Ac ictcuiiAy ^^Ai^ecC. 



\ o/i^mc^eetc^^ a/ tAe. :tuHf torn 

'tAt ^tU/o aot/^^n^ Ze/tveJ fvco^t^SteaC /^ZuAi^e^n, ^' 'O, ioj ^ aunoL( 7,0) ( €M^6U tne. 
UnOitb act" ytAe ^e^(bcc xahjCc 'OC' "tAjt^ orvc ^ce^uxjce^ . 

^tAe fvoi/rCh^ al) tnoct oZ-tn^ a'we/¥v 

^ca/ce/ '^o euh, thjiS 4A^t/c -oe tUhe^ ftwi- 


6B44cuo^ ^ Ji!to/f ^^cam, c '/ou/aJtoU A 9 ^ne ^a/^ru, oUJtl3t/9ux. aJ Seicucmn, 
(7fOj CL0%cC ( 990) , 'to aS^ccun, a. ^va<^rCt (9,€o) f aU ^a/c CLOot^ (r,goj,aJ/9^} 
id cuoo^e f7,o), 

15. Pr^oik.Z- JPijf'S* OTutovUKtv a M^it^ vw a jvlouvut io dbcoiff a \AmJu 

AAfyiAM jilatvt wdjfia, aAAH/n JL/n^oUAioXu^rt . 

^tij o^tAe^ aoue^TL ft/a0'U0f cL9%d A / s»S9) 

fLUJto^ ZinA UHM fiM44 'iAAB^<4JfA SLfj 

^o ^tAc cCijth^te'$%ce o/tAe4Jc m^t/cs^n.eed duvicUd Jy XAa Asaatufrv tttAtLcA ne^- 
fvce4e/yobf XAe Zfn-cJxyn^xtco'n, o/tAt AMUju^ed /o^u, . ^€4e/uio^ ^id^ac^c^ 
t/i^tPv €t f o^n^ aic€>f u^<:iA :tAu cCutisurvc^ aJ ol Ar/t/ii44d, <^*^d, j Mtjot^ ^tAc/t'*^ 
!>) utAe^e ctcdAXi ^tAe HjcniAcorota/ f Tfojj 44f<jtA A , ^tAc4 mhZH /^ zA^fM^ 

tAe ^cou^e/^ 2l 4A/itA tAs otAeJC ^ttdHf , cund /ond tAt d^rteiunotiavv 0/ 4Aa 





cf '•♦.«•; 


tAeJt^ X49^ii Jc AM4juk€cL 'noMLOrita/4 -. 

18. Proh. ff. Fig* S. iTo Jvrul ilit -JtotJWLOii^aU o^ xl Jj^curvc^dU. 
dlcctUiiikM a('4AiTucK iiAvite^, x)urv(L u^ a aM»e«<t 

iU/nA^ trie 'fio^iMorvtoutd a/ ^tAe, fi£a/f%e fpUjAt fvouis JthK^^tM^fA 

•'■') -^^ 

f^a^t^ ji^Mftx^fi^ 


o^ny tiuHf ^4^t%^f aJ f ft,9) fO/PtAl f /^,0j fox, eaeauMyvit, ^m£Lu ^ '^toJimC 
aJ e4/nJtk^f cupui tlu^ a^c^ ^€ cUdouSeoC -^om. Tthj^9r^,, 44^4tA, AcmsCU 
edvCeu/cdUcC aJ aJ^^C ; a, Zufve^ oOuiuam^ ^teun^^tiHr'A ^Aa clmlcS^ tariff 
^4^ "ins ^cM0444/ucL -AotA^ofi^ittc 

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22. Pr*ob> JO. Pig' 13, Oo ^ifnd, -jtne a/nalc Iduaton aXinc 

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Q^^ Fig. le, y^ 




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i/i,cA^ Ao^^O'ThfoLc ccuc4/e 4u/sA. 'tAoiT :tA^ cAo'usU alD^ cuf%oC cA ^"tneH 
cuccJ -/AoM ^ ficutOLUe/; '^M OA^ ^una ^o ^^maJS, ol/p^ Jo H/aueeaC,'inect 
the tkoL^^M^ocaC 3l d ^ryvcuu -oc 'taJt^/n, aj "t^ fzo€iio'yv o/ ^^fie a<?**d. eat,^ 
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54. JProh. 19 Fig. Z4. S^^^pioAte 0^ /idt 0^ a Kfjoxk^-dvb 

ioXjuixxyc une OAxd >6ca£t ov decluui^ Jf^ iXi iwte- ^Jcei/n huma aju»€n^ 

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cieotutA^tu ^ ^^s^ tiAft Apcufo^iMutt- j/opjt -^ -k/. :itAe, cCAc/utnJtu o^tAj^ 
AUk^r^^ \r y 4jtf 44HdtA 4,50 tfcLs^ (JLTL^ ^€^ fi//3uyve> o/ ^ztl, ^ Aaz^jf^fiiZ. 

'U'H.e,, .id^AioA, iV a/d»^ *w -&*te. t:^ a^^eoA^ eUe&vct^ ^tAe- ■«**»yi, 
^ttdH) •&'n^. ofnc f*o^ of tA,e -ca-vwi QB > t'<*<M M ^ ^#«utf^iAc^ 



35.- JPf-oh. 2o. FiC S. S^ jutoitcUaviA cuvui JU^utAMiJk 
oyiun) i^jofsjvsXJk ^ti/vva qvu^vt; io dbcoAAi gl WtiaoviJCaX u/^ve ilvuHAqk 
oat) 4o -uooA 4if\Z MatiMYiJiwL dJJXxiAMJt MUxytl^iM^ li/ae oa^ 
^dtsjb (SUkcA. M\j(rX MioU X>t mt /oeJcA^ieol diiCa/vicc j»eiCu>a/w <Ue/rw ^ 


36. Prob. Zl/J^tg. /8<5. fliuro i^tovndU Jtei/w^ oiuen, ike ont 4>i^ 





to of'UrAA0cA^^tA^^ne^Ajto/y:>CLSo^^tHcao9^e^ Zsti 

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'CaJ'U ^o ^uutx/e. ^CAoCt ^Ae/u c^o^ouo% ^a^ tAe ^efttuccLC 

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cCoUMv a£l £Ute^ cunxi ^ruAAo'vSt^J m^Al^A, V^ee/c^ €4JtAje^ oiJ Ju/eK^t0%e£j ^ot, 
td ait^ tAjt oiit^ru/nJiJonJ * 

€rtikMiJru/riq o^yv ^iA^ oOca44/<^^%o tne, flod<4lo'^^J o^ tn& ^u^utiocU fu?of€!t4f 
40njuoA OJtA^ uXAu^ a<A^€n. a^ tb Jt^ ^om^^ujC, aJ o^ne ^^ndAoaC oSth&ufA 
4SV ^^ie^ey a4 C4nK£^aJ Jomxc ^^fi^ee ^rrvouu ^^hot'cr^ fx^cu^lce -ft/otynd 
Jtb ^U4Mat aJ Jm:tu/!aL6tbt4/ k^<4A^ . A.^ttg/kiti^o'yv jto tA^t ^!9€touH^ 
^^mvemAj X4hi/i Jt/it^v^ ^otA td MuJtk^cOtt tnc ^9i^vtauru>na -Ae^^ 'Ont&9%A 

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dqu^Atf o^ ^^jneacuL^y tAe ^>t.o^t' ccccu/uxXi. ^yruzAod, -^ tb co^rn/f'rve^tjoi 
^ 'Zatidt' 4^^ttuf7^ oJjf tAe^ M/nti/Lc oLuto/rtc^ , olovoI tA&n tAe ^oue^M 
^ukkXi^ tbLAufxa aoJtc to ^v€^€m/u ^ J!tOTn. tAe^ Jea£e,y tAe, OLaa^ctaeCttf 
^tne ^£4fe^uOLf fvouttcet/ aCutounceJ i tAjuJ ^oon. tne ouyt/f^ujottd J^^- ) 
4AtAeAc4,'tAe,a^o^fi^aXb o/oj^ tAe, /vaAt44Uk/ o^^ foo feet'^ 

• 4 ^ ^ « ^ M '±L^ li- ► 

4e- — — — — loo' — -f» 


^^991, dxrAcoA, tAc *:eacuA.eeC cCcJiiM/t'i.^e 'U to ^ -/at 0^^ m^t^ mjt/ctkm^y 

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cCidtdf^9i,AC ^T^orn a. cun^e, ^^^i^ai o^ oOukxdH^na a, fief€^htf%ctuc44/ouc^ 

Jft>e£oCu, o/ncC ^mot^ oucc€4A/iA^ fy tkJSe. off -/^t^m, tAe Je/k/e tAc 

tAt p/kJi£^^ ^ft^una tAe ^^^zee ^o tAaLt 4At ouce cUJcjciieal h 
^iH^tA tAe ^oue^n aCc/^2»/nce aJ ot ^M^aUaJt -^na/c Ab- ^SunasA 



Se, aJ^u^Tted /t^^'^A^ oA/itk^ojuj /lu^^ej 'tnat jtAjty jAaSi ^ruit'JIt't^frL cl 

'v^sTjJe^yOt f cLf^joC JeJ^j A toAs JiPx, tAs ^toLcld^ a/^tAm ^m^ tAedtJ'- 

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^AO^^tikZ^ "TLtmA/y oX A^Ajt cuna/eJ a^rtd -dm, a/ds , ^tA0X :tAe JiB€Ju£r^ 

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& -rr Qy^n, 4A%A/yrva tAs £uyveJ 'tAc Ayft^tti/i/rva ddJtettamJ 4dM£c/>!t 

4AzJitcC', a/9^ tAo^4, ^iaA:t4 O^ tA^ JzeA/ryuiup\»ri>t /t^^ 


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tne^rv 'C^ety /cu^rCt^ j4^ "tA/iCt tsAey ^ryvouu ^tetixj'uc tA,cut ajuzfto^tJUJSiXt, 

^^^^t^^^-^toctaA/u e/ta/i^toC ^4/<:tA Jtit/t St^tousC^ ^^^^^n^- au9%aCtAej$% ^^lo/ue 
-^^^tj^^^sn^iLf ftdJt^sAiAj^ p/ 'Ci/a^teft oCauAed, O'tAtA ^^ ^Ae ^ooulU -fec^ ^t&tc^ 

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c/yt ^€oueJkp 'Co^xAjyyi -o'cAeAjeti utAceA,j urnj§0% ^wjotetoMMe^ 
oMtiujC ^Oune ^trtauu /tousC J^to^n M^ HjOi/yCt Jfy JtAjg, .«^^te^z^e • 
'fy/J, ouu, 4ji/^L€ttte/yL ^zOL^/L^ie/ t^ t!He ^tto'pyv ^^o^uoUa^ o^^€nB obum 


JtsaeC out £A>eA^ t^'voL • 44/ru/ce JtA^e^al f^outXkjou d4J^i2k/ncsd ^#^ cl fuoA^ ^^une 
ouc€ ^njOAAe/t f vt juh^ Jhi. ouls^ 44/euyto "motftJk ^tne 'tb^tajl cCcJtojrLc^ , 

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on. tAc oeA"'^ ^tne J't4joceM£CL^%o cCUhJco^vS f A so -est, - 

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-^ 4oecLcLiou Jtt/fv :tn/£t ounAj ^ruj/t^nStA, a/ •^€0xJj ct/ruiJ^ 

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q/Aa futofto^ttcoori, 44/AocA. xAjt ^iea/e. JeautJ ^th. 

ajo-i/^ :tAe ^cau£t ^ ^^4^ ocodle ovut AAucJrt dCo <c^ 

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oU/t^<J'C0>v O'Tv JtAe Jca£tf au4 ixdie. /ox, yotjuoU ^ &t 

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€>fAtMf OJifutoa^e/i CfjtAje aJ^OjcCouytt iMtk^/rruA^y fveAuJ!o<A>6 , ouyvoL 

off" -/uyLoU ^ctB CLfzfiJLccaXuynJ </n, j^/lc pLO<^^^y cJiauyia ^y>i^ £^oriAJ ojl 
Of ourv AA/yyvu -c/yv ^ryvotlcyrh -, 'C^ c/teoctaynJ ceoiJ^co^io yfo -c^ o/ytXttfuA. 

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'trio^cDu.a^ 'Urut/tJiz^otXion ; J€£(U^ 4>ti ^nea^nJ <x/ctH ^yyu/yuA.'^e, 

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-on, ^t/ue/t/u, ciMe/r>%f7X <2^ ^v^^#^ aMaAjLotf ■9<Aji' -to aypv/'titcAXjn, n4/r>x, tb 

of ^ze/t/ryia/ne/Ti^ djt^ruzo^ou^^u^, ^o ^ne ^oi/ety ^ tAc ^taXt^, ou6 tnt 
a^c&oct OL4A€^tujLe^ ^'^ ^(/nSourval ol^xoC ^p>ueu€Ajii^'n£, jk^avCtk^eftt , dt/HdeA. 
<^^ecdjc^^ '^to^TTL tAc Met/ o^ OL ^ddjoCote^fx d^uuAfOtto^x o^otn. m9%e/nyu 
-Mf ^tne eiyf^tJ^Oi/ht fuuJe/f^ce 0/ outi. ctmrneU ^o^ce ^J!gLC£/t ^eAjund 
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out ttut i/njoU of u/AajcA fiZoLCJt cAculoU of puyyro Zco to t^^St. > 
ccucA Fig. 44 

^y/fu/yi tke/Uf ^ ^ndt tunu^ to p/a/sjt cAoA^tS vfv tAl \ 
i/yctl/uotf aftru/ fUJUU j (Ujit ou tkAAXcAf o^/Oc ttit ^^ outfit O^ 
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cvoejuZouu a/othi>& c^ X6 fttt 4fU3unjy a/yvoL ^f% fut tAuJUuU 
at 'tfht acouMTo- 

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fo^yti^ of Ou e/ooM, Fitf. 44, oven, tnt orujdoLU of tnA oJcoA.eaA 


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(UjJt o^yo 'truy 4ujL^ouG^ 

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pZcuct 'tnc fwuj<iuu i^n. orut- rrux^S^ , ionAt6^ tnj^ Mn^LcLotv St ak^ ukoU/-. 
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ouu/v y6td^yit6j CL^an/3 "tru/ ouxuJ aC t^ i^u/tae/y oU at A,Fi^.45j 
C3b ^utuAxro ^ 'tAj^/yu ^o^nouoU/ touHXAJoU 'trvt (X/ocJiy ayyvoL -tAt cAojtM 
4/> fiiojUMb 4jyo e^yntbu^ uM^tfi 'thJt ia:t?LOLoio6 . (^^ax^daeS orf tkAn^iSvu 
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o^ru/ o^ 4€4A€/ca£ SouCj/6. 
ZZ€. JOeAM^oU^LA4>W 0^ ^0\A/^. ^tf</yv £^ AjL^^jdtA/mAyyuA^ 


cot /taM^y am^ its n/eAycctkc ^ ^o OJtto^j ~tn/vt 'touo ^u>c 
fi^ttoC act "trie ^o/mz/ ^ynj(ymiAzt', 'to ^u4/yiy ^i^tJtAj^ aU/fkjce/yi:t 
tcuThCcS y cejout/i^ 'Tlo fi>vu:z,f7to^ie/ iMtt^A^a£ ^/yu t/ve/ 'tbryijt 

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fot/frujTui of 4toL6t' Ao^ /otacu/u^ t^ 4>o6o of fvouXU 
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oU fucOLctkA/iSit ; 4jn> tAu/ Sc/yu^ of tAuxfc^ auou4 O/yu^ 
"iAujuo ^u/yvttuyyb 4x><AA tAu. tMHtho^u/nX: , Fig 86 

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at thjt i/njoU of u/Aa/Jl ftlobu. cAcutau of fiuym* too to xstf A. 
toucA. Fig. 44 

i^^tVtjLO^ oftfii/ fUJtiU J Cut ou tu/n^cA/ O'ut^ tfu, ^6y oftfit oMm 
/S 4>f%eAjt6 oL&efL , oyu 4x/AleA fiJtouC^ 40O to ^30 S^ . of pjou/cLu^- 

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eoocdjitcuu a/cc/u^ o^ Z6 fe^iZ 4fLOunjy a/yooL ^fx fuJt tAuM/mU 
at tAit c/oouynj' 

tArwtAeJC aaoit /yn4itAo<i jU to OjUt cu tk^/^voA ^/nt 
fo^/f'Tv of ou eA/>44, Fi^. 44, on^tn. tkt ^nvudoUt of tAe^ oucoA. eaik 





t^'yt oulcJo mzvu a£6o St^ 4lo<A^^yv ufi £^ 4^^ifie/ywU/na 

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pJjCLCt 'trit fiocu'cLeAy on, oru. moM , wrvctd^ tnt ^^cccCat^ ^ >t»6ty /JiKdi/-. 
cun^ OUoCtl (^ ^S orLcAed , o-o Z fee^ trujcAa^uM (^ ^ ^^^ujoLac ZOfutT 
4ji>ait/ ^ oTuvu 'tfvLub 'it oLutayutdi uMtnJ^S o^ of fuxjt^dvuy i/ou 

t^jUAtoji^iec to 'tfu^ cuocA, 

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4nxiA:i ^yyxju4t' 4t 4-0/^1^^. OL^yi^oi erwuoatoL oU SeJotje^ oLcdcjuj&coL . 

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oAjtfo j&tb^yu^j CLicyKia "thz/ ouxuJ of tifie, ^^u/rLae/^ cU act A;Pi£.45^ 
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8. ^A\Vv §a\v Q^u: /iJ/ soLfh Fig'« 9 10.11. ^^ u 

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